WagsMarket "ORIGINAL" Premium Fragrance Body Oil 1/2 Dram Sample Set


$ 15.88 

(5) 1/2 Dram screw top bottles filled with undiluted, premium grade, fragrance body oil.

The sample set comes with the (5) ORIGINAL WagsMarket oils:

Amber White - A fresh and light floral, timeless - classic 

Arabian Sandalwood - Traditional and Authentic Arabian Sandalwood Oil. Top Note - slightly spicy with a hint of sweetness; Middle Note - Tonka; Bottom Note - woodsy sandalwood with musk oil earthiness.

Nag Champa - A blend of champa flowers, oils (pure Mysore Sandalwood Oil), spices and resins. Nag Champa is among the most popular fragrances in the world. Authentic Nag Champa scent with a strong top note, a little definitely goes along way with this one.

Pink Sugar - Beautifully sweet with hints of cotton candy and spring flowers.  The "Classic" Pink Sugar scent is exactly what you get with this one, authentically sweet.

The Original Nag Chouli (Master Scent #1) - This fragrance is made with 100% Pure & Aged Patchouli Essential Oil. 100% Pure Patchouli Oil is very expensive, due to the harvesting practices needed to produce the oil. We pair our pure patchouli with our very own authentic and rich Nag Champa Fragrance Body Oil. Special blending methods are used to create this "MasterScent", which has taken us many years to perfect. Now that our Nag Chouli Essential Fragrance Body Oil has been distributed within the WagsMarket community the past 5 years, and has gone through stringent olfactory response tests, we are delighted to bring to you our first scent in the "MasterScent" series. Nag Chouli.