Frankincense & Myrrh - Premium Hand-Dipped Incense Sticks


$ 12.88 

This is your authentic Frankincense and Myrrh scent you know and love. Similar to what you smell in church, but a bit different all in the same. A rich and earthy creation that lingers long after your incense sticks burn out.

  • HAND DIPPED STICKS –  Each incense bundle is soaked for up to a week in our handmade incense oil mixture.  Fragrance strength is regulated and maintained at a high level in order to create incense sticks with a premium level scent throw.
  • UNIQUE AND EFFECTIVE PACKAGING – WagsMarket incense sticks are packaged in aluminum zip lock bag, which locks the moisture in and keeps light and air out, maintaining ultimate freshness of your sticks until you are ready to light and enjoy.