Egyptian Musk Premium Fragrance Body Oil


$ 12.88 


THE ORIGINAL EGYPTIAN MUSK OIL                                                              

There are many different versions of the Egyptian Musk scent, not just one, this is ours…. We believe you will find the scent familiar and authentically consistent with a quality Egyptian Musk Oil.


Egyptian Musk is often misunderstood with how long the fragrance lasts. It is a light fragrance by creation and is not meant to be heady, overpowering or leave a scent trail. Egyptian Musk is light so that it can be used deliberate, on the entire body. Some that wear the fragrance will not be able to detect it after the first few hours of wearing it, but those around you will as the fragrance blends with your natural body scent.

THIS IS NOT EGYPTIAN GODDESS                                                               

Many perfume oil enthusiasts lump all Egyptian Musk into the same category, this is a mistake. There are many different versions of the Egyptian Musk scent, some made specifically for women and some made for men. Our Egyptian Musk oil is neither of those. This is the original unisex fragrance and the original Egyptian musk that may be different than what you have become accustomed to. If you are skeptical PLEASE request a sample first and we will take care of you.

How To Apply Our Pure Fragrance Body Oil

Your pulse points are the best locations to apply a body oil fragrance because of the warmth of your blood. Good points to use would be behind your knees, inside your elbow, on your wrist, bottom of your throat and behind your ear.