Cool Musk Premium Essential Fragrance Body Oil


$ 24.88 

A unique variation to the traditional Egyptian Musk fragrance, this scent was made for our maleEgyptian Musk enthusiasts.


The fragrance is made up of our very own Pure Egyptian Musk Oil infused with an array of wonderfully fragrant pure essential oils and pure body fragrance oils. This unique infusion blend includes such oils as: juniper, cedar wood, sage, cactus, apple as well as some woody base notes to ground this original fragrance. 

Created for those that love the original Egyptian Musk scent, but just not completely satisfied with its staying power or overall light body structure. Cool Musk brings an original scent that resembles a Musk Oil, but is definitely stronger scented with exceptional staying power. A nice bright anytime scent, Cool Musk is a must have for any occasion when you want to be scented your best.


How To Apply Our Premium Fragrance Body Oils

Your pulse points are the best locations to apply a body oil fragrance because of the warmth of your blood. Good points to use would be behind your knees, inside your elbow, on your wrist, bottom of your throat and behind your ear.