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Sage Smudge Kit - Pick (3) of Your Own Sage - 4in ~ Abalone Shell 5-6in ~ Free Palo Santo Stick

Sage Smudge Kit - Pick (3) of Your Own Sage - 4in ~ Abalone Shell 5-6in ~ Free Palo Santo Stick

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Product Description:

Elevate your spiritual rituals with our premium Sage Smudge Kit, thoughtfully curated for cleansing and purifying your space. This kit includes three 4-inch bundles of sage, a stunning 5-6 inch abalone shell, and a complimentary Palo Santo stick.


  • Pick (3) of Your Own Sage: Choose from a variety of sage options, each 4 inches in length, hand-picked for quality and potency. Whether you prefer white sage for its traditional cleansing properties or another variant, our kit allows you to tailor your smudging experience with three different bundles.

  • Abalone Shell: A beautiful, natural abalone shell measuring between 5-6 inches. Perfect for holding your sage sticks while you smudge, this shell not only serves a practical purpose but also adds an aesthetic touch to your ritual setup.

  • Free Palo Santo Stick: Included as a bonus, our Palo Santo stick is known for its sweet, uplifting scent. It enhances the energy-clearing process, complementing the sage perfectly.


  • Purification and Cleansing: Use this kit to purify your home, office, or personal space. Sage and Palo Santo are renowned for their ability to cleanse negative energy and promote a sense of peace and well-being.

  • Beautiful and Practical: The abalone shell not only holds your sage but also catches ashes, keeping your space tidy. Its iridescent beauty makes it a lovely addition to your decor.

  • Perfect Gift: This Sage Smudge Kit makes a thoughtful gift for friends and family who are into meditation, yoga, or simply appreciate holistic wellness practices.

How to Use:

  1. Light the Sage: Hold the sage bundle at a 45-degree angle and light it. Let it burn for about 20 seconds, then blow out the flame so the sage smolders and releases smoke.

  2. Smudge Your Space: Walk around your space, gently waving the sage bundle to spread the smoke. Focus on corners and areas where energy tends to stagnate.

  3. Use the Abalone Shell: Place the smoldering sage bundle in the abalone shell to catch ashes and safely extinguish the sage when you're done.

  4. Enhance with Palo Santo: Light the Palo Santo stick and follow a similar process to enhance the cleansing with its sweet, woody aroma.

Why Choose Our Kit?

  • Quality Guaranteed: We ensure that each component of our smudge kit is of the highest quality, sourced ethically and sustainably.

  • Customizable Experience: With the option to pick three different sage bundles, you can customize your smudging ritual to suit your preferences and needs.

Bring tranquility and clarity to your life with our Sage Smudge Kit. Order now and enjoy a purifying, uplifting experience like never before!

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