*This Months Special Limit Edition Sticks* Rise + Grind - Essential Oil Blend, Premium Hand-Dipped Incense Sticks


$ 14.99 $ 16.99

Rise + Grind is our first offering in the Essential Oil Blend Incense series. 

We are always mindful of what we are creating next,  as we always want to provide products that our good for our mind, body, soul & personal space.  

As we begin to create products that aid mental health, mindfulness and wellness, we want to embark on a journey of essential oils and how they can contribute to our well being.

Rise + Grind is a bright uplifting scent that is packed with essential oils that aid in mood, positive energy, creativity and forward progress. A great scent for morning meditation, afternoon revive or any other time when you need an uplifting scent to motivate your daily efforts.