Is your Patchouli essential oil the real deal...

Is your Patchouli essential oil the real deal...


One of the ways we distribute our fragrances and incense is by supplying product to local smoke shops.  When we enter these establishments we often notice a lot time that they are already selling the types of products we are trying to bring to them.  What is alarming to us at WagsMarket is the quality of the products these places are selling.  I think it is more of a lack of knowledge than the store owner trying to pay less for subpar fragrance products. 


One product in particular often stands out to us when we go through these stores shelves to see what their current suppliers are providing them.

Patchouli Essential should not be the color of apple juice.  The scent of Patchouli should just about jab you in the should not be a subtle tap that has you wondering if you've been hit at all.... 

Did you know that true Essential oils are quite more expensive than regular fragrance oils?  Alot of this is because of the process it takes to produce essential oil.  Soooo with that being said....if you are paying the same price for Patchouli as the rest of your fragrance oils.....Thats Not Patchouli!!  Do yourself a favor and buy some Patchouli from WagsMarket and experience the difference in quality...

Thank You, Peace & Blessings

WagsMarket Manager

Rashid Wagstaff


  • Kenneth Froom - May 12, 2022

    I am trying to buy 4 oz bottle of Patchuly and I cant figure out your websight to buy it. Your web sight is not user friendly Kenny Froom 347-668-0336

  • Teresa Edmonds - October 27, 2021

    Do you sell Patchouli Oil, I’m unable to find it.
    Thanks kindly

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